Mekal Z

Mekal Z

A programmer running out of the wall.

About Me

Hi there, I'm Mekal Zheng 👋#

  • A Husband, Father, and Multilingual Developer.
  • A Life Explorer, Lifelong Learner.
  • A Poop-Picker of two cats and a dog!

Latest Status#

  • 🔭 I’m currently finding a job in Ireland, Germany or other EU areas.

Main Skills#



Apps I built#

  • 灵瓜背单词 | LinguaTale

    This is a tool app that can help improving your English.
    It is your intelligent assistant powered by GPT model.
    It should be the right app for English learners who are struggling with memorizing English words by rote.
    It can generate interesting serialized stories for you based on your vocabulary list.
    它是由 GPT 模型驱动的智能助手。


  • Copywriting Assistant

    This tool is a mini-program on WeChat. It can help vloggers on extracting subtitles from a video.

  • Note Monster

    This is an iOS app that helps you to master music staff reading, especially for beginners who are trying to play piano.

  • QuoteMoji

    This is an iOS app that can help heal yourself with beautiful quotations and give you new energy every day. You can also record your moods with eMojis in this app.

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