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Weekly Share #11, 2023

  • Cool things I do#

  • I set up the backend service of my new App ELF with [[Golang]] and [[Gin Framework]] this week. It is more than one year that I haven't used the [[Golang]] anymore. Now I pick it up for some reasons, one is to do some review on it for my next plan. When using [[Gin Framework]] which is widely used in Bytedance, I found a nice article that clearly explained how a web framework came from a plain socket client.

  • And there are also some other good articles shared below

  • Blogs I wrote#

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  • Videos I Watch#

  • SVB's bankruptcy#

    • I watched a youtube video: What is the truth behind the closure of SVBS? Is the real risk yet to come? !. It is about the reason for SVB's bankruptcy and its future impact.

    • From what I understood, there are two main reasons lead the crash:

      1. SVB lacks diversity in customer types, which is most startups in Silicon Valley. Most of these startups struggle in the past three years, so they withdraw a lot of cash from the SVB. which finally put much cash pressure on the SVB.
      2. SVB bought too many bonds which were more than 60% of its investment. That was another big risk. After the liquidity crunched from 2022, plus the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, SVB's bonds incurred huge losses. But it still had to sell some of its assets for depositors to withdraw their money. At last, the bank-run happened.
    • The impact would be limited

      • There is a truth that the SVB's two major faults are not common in other banks in the USA, so there probably will not be a crisis like the one in 2008 led by Lehman Brothers.
      • However, there would be a crisis for two kinds of banks:
        1. Banks focus their businesses on a specific domain, real estate banks for example.
        2. Local small banks in Silicon Valley that had business dealings with SVB.
  • Cool stuff I discovered#

  • This week, I make a lot of effort to reduce time roaming on new things, but I still discovered some fancy things.

  • SuperImage is a tool to increase image quality.#

  • PDM a pretty cool [[Python]] package management tool.#

    PDM, as described, is a modern Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards. But it is more than a package manager. It boosts your development workflow in various aspects. The most significant benefit is it installs and manages packages in a similar way to npm that doesn't need to create a virtualenv at all!

    • I am now using it for my default python package management tool. It works well with [[Anaconda]] and benefits me a lot as it is introduced.
    • image
  • Speak A language tutor powered by AI#

  • It seems awesome but it released only the Korean and Japanese versions which are worth a try for Korean and Japanese learners. I am waiting for an English version.

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