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Mekal Z

A programmer running out of the wall.

Weekly Share #8, 2023

Cool things I do#

  • Long Journey to Dali

Blogs I wrote#

  • [[How to publish part of my notes as a public blog]]
  • [[CAP Theorem for System Design Interviews]]
  • [[Structured system design interview]]
  • [[CDNs in High-Performance System Design]]
  • [[Database Caching Overview]]

Videos I Watch#

  • [[Movie]]: [[Finch]] on [[Apple TV]]
    • image
    • This movie tells a story about a man called Finch, a dog called Goodyear, and a robot called Jeff. The robot Jeff was created by Finch and was given a lifetime mission to take care of the dog Goodyear.
    • The story happened at a time when the ozone layer was broken by humans and the earth then was under the radiational flare of the sun. Lives can hardly exist in most areas of the USA due to the radiation of the sun. Cities are ruined and people died. The survivors keep finding food in ruined buildings, which would let them live longer in this kind of doomsday. They didn't trust any others and sometimes even kill others for food.
    • All the things Finch does might be because of his apologetic feelings on ignoring the robbery of the mother and daughter. And I believe there are also the love of the dog, the animals, and all of the creatures that survived the disaster.
    • Back from the movie to reality, I think the earth we live on is so beautiful, and I feel that we should never stop protecting it, never stop cherishing it, and keep the beauty of the earth forever.
  • [[TV Series]]: [[Three-Body]] directed by Yang Lei.
    • It is very elaborate on both filming and music. I highly recommend everyone to watch this TV series.

Cool stuff I discovered#

  • AI generated images #[[AIGC]]
  • A [[ChatGPT]] like app [[Poe]]
    • This app is built by [[Quora]], which integrated three chat robots, and two of these robots are provided by OpenAI. You can use ChatGPT on this app without registering for an OpenAI account.
  • A [[web3]] blog platform: [[xLog]]
    • This is a blog platform based on a blockchain called [[Crossbell]].
    • There are two advantages that attracted me
      • [[web3]] based. The blog data is stored on the blockchain and is fully under my control.
      • Fast. Thank the [[IPFS]] where the blog data is stored, the blog pages can be opened in a low latency without any [[CDN]] configuration.
    • Also there are drawbacks
      • It's still in its early stages and only provides some basic functions.
      • There is no way to arrange pictures as a gallery
  • A [[chrome extension]] for [[ChatGPT]]: [[Voice Control for ChatGPT]]
    • This tiny extension gives me the ability to talk with the ChatGPT bot by voice, which can help me a lot to practice my speaking English.
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