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Mekal Z

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Weekly Share #12, 2023

Cool things I do#

  • The first internal version of my new app is going to be released on TestFlight. I'm so excited that I couldn't go into sleep every night. I felt like full of energy and want to keep coding 7x24h.
  • My wife has been using this new app everyday for a week and she said it helped her a lot.
  • I've never been so excited on a product for a long time. I'd like to share a story generated by AI:
  • The Rise of Hogwarts
    • brown and gray concrete castle under blue sky during daytime
    • Section 1: The Gift Hunt
      Jack scanned the street for a perfect gift for Rose. He had been searching for hours, but he had no prescience of what he would find. Suddenly, he noticed a small shop with an imminent sign that read "Unique Gifts." The way the word "unique" was written burgeoned his curiosity, so he rushed inside.
      As he browsed the shelves, an enervating feeling took hold of him. He didn't know what to pick. He walked up and down the narrow aisles, carefully examining each piece. Just as he was about to leave defeated, something sparkly caught his eye. It was a necklace of a silver unicorn narrated as a symbol of hope. He knew it would be perfect for Rose, so he bought it without hesitation.

Blogs I wrote#

  • Nil

Videos I Watch#

Cool stuff I discovered#

  • I spent little time on discovering cool new things, so this week I would only share one product that maybe useful for you if you or your child is practicing type on a keyboard.
  • qwerty-learner
    • It is a open-source project with a free website app as well. You can practice typing on this website, besides, it integrated a lot of vocabularies so that you can memorize english words while practicing typing.
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