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Mekal Z

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Weekly Share #10, 2023

Cool things I do#

  • New project
    • I started a new project to build an app for word memorization when learning a new language. I will provide a brand new method for uses to memorize words by reading a lot of short stories. I believe it will be much more efficient for learners to memorize new words in some kind of context. Now it is under development and will be released in a month.
  • [[NoteMonster]] achieved a top-54 in iOS App Store
    • It was actually in the category of music. That was out my expectation and gave me much confidence. I was so excited about this and then wrote my first marketing post on [[Zhihu]]

Blogs I wrote#

  • I upgraded my [[xLog]] account from email to wallet, and the process worked smoothly. Then I posted some magnificent scenery images generated by [[Stable Diffusion]] on

Videos I Watch#

Cool stuff I discovered#

  • 27 款 iOS 开源库,让你的开发溜到飞起
    • These are all active open-source libraries that can be used in your SwiftUI apps.
  • NaturalReaders: a tool for reading text for you
    • It can convert text into a very natural voice.
    • It can be used on web pages, iOS, Android, macOS, and by its Chrome extension
    • You can upload a PDF file and choose an actor to read it for you
  • Numbeo
    • It is a website where you can find various data about living in a city. It includes a lot of data on the Cost of Living, Property Price, and Quality of Life.
    • It is very useful for guys who are planning to relocate to a new place, especially for digital nomads.
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