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Mekal Z

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The Recovery#

When Foo regained consciousness, he found himself in an unusual location. He was lying on a bed made of hind skin in a small hut. Dolores was sitting beside him, tending to his wounds. Duma was curled up in a corner, watching over them. Foo tried to sit up, but he felt too weak. Dolores told him that he had been unconscious for an unlimited amount of time, and that he needed to rest to regain his strength. Foo was grateful to her for saving his life, but he knew that he had to leave as soon as possible. He didn't want to be a burden, or to put Dolores in any danger. As he lay there, he noticed an uncanny cast of crustaceans and clusters of millipedes that were scattered around the hut.

这篇文章讲述了 Foo 在恢复意识后所经历的事情。在文章中出现了一些新词汇,如 “trunk”(树干)、“millipede”(千足虫)、“uneven”(不平坦的)、“bison”(野牛)、“unlimited”(无限的)、“cluster”(群集)、“regain”(恢复)、“awful”(糟糕的)、“temporary”(临时的)、“crab”(螃蟹)、“timescale”(时间尺度)、“trawling”(拖网)、“uncanny”(神秘的)、“plantation”(种植园)、“arbitrary”(任意的)、“triangular”(三角形的)、“hind”(后面的)、“amphibious”(两栖的)、“aquatic”(水生的)、“unusual”(不寻常的)、“caste”(社会阶层)、“campaigner”(活动人士)、“parched”(干渴的)和 “crustacean”(甲壳类动物)。

当 Foo 恢复意识时,他发现自己处在一个不寻常的地方。他躺在一个用鹿皮做成的床上,在一个小木屋里。Dolores 坐在他旁边,给他治疗伤口。Duma 卷成了一团,躺在一个角落里保护他们。Foo 试图坐起来,但他感觉太虚弱了。Dolores 告诉他,他已经昏迷了很长时间,并需要休息恢复力量。Foo 感激她救了他的命,但他知道自己必须尽快离开。他不想成为负担,或者让 Dolores 陷入危险。他躺在那里时,注意到木屋周围散落着神秘的甲壳类动物和许多千足虫。

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