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Mekal Z

A programmer running out of the wall.

4 Story templates

Below are four story templates used in my new App LinguaTale, and I also made a picture for each with Midjourney.

How do you like it?

1. Migration to Mars#


Category: fiction,
Hero: Mekal,
Heroine: Jaina,
PetType: dog,
PetName: Choo,
Synopsis: to follow Mike's passion for exploring the unknow universe, the family decided to start a new life on Mars. They finally succeed and settled a home on Mars after defeated the monsters who are based on moon.

2. The Rise of Hogwarts#


Category: magic,
Hero: Chester,
Heroine: Taylor,
PetType: cat,
PetName: Galac,
Synopsis: After 100 years of frequent attacks by the Black dragon Deathwing, a pair of young people with magical talents travel to the far East to enlist the help of Sun Wukong to win victory and return Hogwarts to glory.

3. The Cowboy is Busy#


Category: love,
Hero: Foo,
Heroine: Jolin,
PetType: leopard,
PetName: Duma,
Synopsis: Tribal cowboy Foo was badly wounded in a battle with the Alliance, and was later saved by Jolin, a beautiful girl of the Alliance. Foo miraculously survived and gained super powers, so he also had a wonderful romance with Jolin.

4. The Cyber Walker#


Category: fiction,
Hero: Zachary,
Heroine: Trinity,
PetType: robot,
PetName: Jeff,
Synopsis: Zachary saves the world many times with his ability to walk through the cyber at will, and is a big superhero. Until one day he discovers the secrets of the parallel universe...

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