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Weekly Share #19, 2023

Here is an image of a "cat crossing into the Jurassic" that I generated using Midjourney, and the dinosaur turned out to be such a cute little one.

Cool things I do#

  • It has been two weeks since the last Weekly Share, and there was a May Day holiday in between, so the Weekly Share was neglected once. But now, I'm back again. I was just thinking that although writing Weekly Share every week may not have many followers and may bring limited value to others, it is a good opportunity for me to review. In order to answer the questions left for myself in the template, I have to stop and look back at what I have done in the past week, and even review what I did last week and what content was shared in last week's Weekly Share. Sometimes we run all the way without knowing how far we have run. Just like a rest note in music melody, stopping from time to time to review and reflect is a very cool thing.
  • Every time I write Weekly Share, I have to check the calendar to see which week of the year it is, because I use the week number of the year to number my Weekly Share. This action can also deepen my concept of time, have an overview of time, and have a more intuitive sense of the passage of time throughout the year, just like having a progress bar. I think this can allow me to work and live at my own pace and relieve my anxiety.
  • There are 52 weeks in 2023, and now it is the 19th week, which is about 36.5% of the year. Two months ago, I wrote the first line of code for #Linggua Vocabulary, and today I released the 7th version (1.2.1). The App Store has received 25 ratings and several comments.
  • image_1683710489909_0.png
  • Now I still receive a lot of user feedback and suggestions emails every day, and I feel very happy. The feeling of "providing value to users' English learning with my own hands" gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivation. This is the coolest thing.

Blogs I wrote#

Videos I Watch#

  • I didn't watch much on YouTube, just watched some videos of "AI Sun Yanzi" and got to know Sun Yanzi again. It turns out she is a "lesser-known singer" 😂.

Cool stuff I discovered#

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