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Border Collie Choo is one year old now.

Choo has been with me for a year now. Today, while looking through the photos, I couldn't help but feel a little sentimental seeing how it has grown from a cute little puppy to a nearly adult-sized young man. Time flies by so quickly. In just one year, Choo has entered adolescence and has become a teenage dog.

Over the past year, Choo has brought us a lot of joy and has been a constant companion. It's just like a mischievous child, always getting into trouble. And when it does something wrong, it knows how to hide from me to avoid getting scolded. After being scolded, it knows how to come to me and act cute. Sometimes, it leaves me speechless. Before it turned 7 months old, it would explore every corner of the house to find the perfect spot to relieve itself. This resulted in me buying several packs of absorbent paper, and of course, it didn't escape getting scolded.

There was a time when it would often cause trouble: chewing on the legs of chairs, digging up all the soil in the flower beds, tearing children's toys into small pieces, leaving the curtains full of holes, stealing and eating an entire cake from the table, and turning the trash can upside down... It was a love-hate relationship for the past six months.

However, after a year of training, it has become a well-behaved dog. Now, it has unconsciously given up on all those things and looks forward to us taking it to the park to play frisbee and soccer every day. After playing and drinking some water, it would lie down on the floor and start snoring.

Just like humans, it was truly adorable when it was young.

I've noticed that I haven't been taking many photos of it recently.

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