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Love between Tribes and Alliances - 2. The Alliance Girl

Every day, a small story generated by #Linggua's word back is serialized. Read stories and learn English vocabulary with me.#

This story is based on the book "Wang Dongmei's Unforgettable IELTS Vocabulary" (a total of 2049 IELTS core vocabulary words). Each story has about 10 new words + review of previously memorized words.#


Jolin was a beautiful girl from the Alliance. She was a trailblazer in her own right, always seeking to emulate the best qualities of her people. One day, while trawling the seabed, she found Foo's denuded body in the cave. She brought him back to her village and nursed him back to health. Foo was amazed by her kindness and the nourishment she provided him. He shed his arbitrary beliefs and began to see the Alliance in a new light.


Jolin 是来自联盟的一位美丽女孩。她是个开创者,总是追求效仿她们民族最好的品质。一天,她在海底搜寻时在洞穴里发现了 Foo 的裸体身体。她把他带回她的村庄并护理他,把他养好。Foo 对她的善良和她给予他的营养感到惊讶。他放下了他的武断信仰,开始以全新的眼光看待联盟。

Analysis of Vocabulary or Phrases#

  1. trailblazer refers to a pioneer or innovator;

  2. emulate means to imitate or learn from;

  3. trawl here means to fish with a trawl net;

  4. denude means to expose or strip off;

  5. nourishment means providing nutrition or nourishment;

  6. shed beliefs means to let go or abandon beliefs;

  7. see in a new light means to view something with a new perspective.

Analysis of Complex Sentences#

One day, while trawling the seabed, she found Foo's denuded body in the cave. This is a compound sentence, with a time clause introduced by "while" and "she the cave" as the main clause. The object is "Foo's denuded body", and it is modified by the relative clause "in the cave".

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