Mekal Z

Mekal Z

A programmer running out of the wall.




The Encounter#

Foo stumbled through the vegetation, his steps uneven as he fled from the Alliance. He knew the risk he was taking, but he couldn't weigh his allegiance to the cause against his own survival. As he ran, he heard the intimidating sounds of battle behind him. Suddenly, the ground beneath him shook as if the earth itself was in upheaval. Foo fell to the ground, and he could feel the heat emanating from the lava that had erupted from the ground. He was sure that he was going to die, but then he saw a cloud-covered figure approaching him. It was Dolores's pet leopard, Duma. Foo knew that Dolores was from the opposing faction, but he was in no position to judge. As Duma sniffed around him, Foo lost consciousness.

这篇文章讲述了 Foo 和 Dolores 之间被禁止的爱情。在文章开头,我们了解到了一些新的词汇,如 “bounty”(赏金)、“cloud-covered”(云层覆盖的)、“viscous”(粘稠的)、“jurisdiction”(管辖范围)、“intimidate”(恐吓)、“trawling”(拖网)、“campaigner”(活动人士)、“plantation”(种植园)、“uneven”(不平坦的)、“dredging”(疏浚)、“risk”(风险)、“jar”(玻璃罐)、“genetics”(基因学)、“vegetation”(植被)、“weigh”(权衡)、“feel”(感受)、“arbitrary”(任意的)、“bison”(野牛)、“thermosetting”(热固性的)、“lava”(岩浆)、“reshape”(重塑)、“awful”(可怕的)和 “mythology”(神话)。

在故事情节中,Foo 在逃离 Alliance 时,步伐不稳,穿过茂密的植被,跑着逃命。他知道自己在冒着风险,但他不能将对自己的生存与对事业的忠诚度进行权衡。当他在逃跑时,听到了后方激烈的战斗声,地面突然震动,像整个大地正在动荡。Foo 跌倒在地,感觉到从地里喷发出来的岩浆所发出的灼热感。他以为自己要死了,但突然看到了一位被云层覆盖的人走向他,是 Dolores 的宠物豹 Duma。Foo 知道 Dolores 属于对立的派系,但他没有资格进行评判。当 Duma 在他周围嗅探时,Foo 失去了知觉。

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