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The Barrier of Mobility#


Foo and Dolores rode Duma through the denuded landscape, searching for the creatures. The cloud-covered skies made it difficult to spot them, and they were startled when they finally came across them. The creatures were transporting bulky freight, which they had collected from the destroyed plantations. Foo and Dolores could see that the freight was composed of valuable ore and disks, which could be profitably sold in the market. They knew that they had to act fast if they wanted to prevent the creatures from leaving the area. Foo used his razor-sharp instincts to create a cube-shaped barrier around the creatures, preventing their mobility. Dolores used her tensile strength to solidify the barrier, making it impossible for the creatures to escape. They also softened the ground beneath the creatures, causing them to sink into the lava fields. The creatures were now at their mercy, and they knew that they had to use this opportunity to negotiate. They approached the creatures, hoping to end their crusade.


Foo 和 Dolores 骑在 Duma 上穿过荒芜的景象,寻找那些生物。云层遮蔽了太阳,他们非常难以发现这些生物,最后当他们终于发现它们时感到非常惊讶。这些生物正在运输大宗货物,这些货物是从被摧毁的种植园中收集来的。Foo 和 Dolores 可以看到这些货物包括有价值的矿石和软盘,这些东西在市场上可以卖出高价。他们知道如果想阻止这些生物离开该区域,必须快速行动。Foo 凭借敏锐的直觉,制造了一个立方体形状的屏障,阻止了生物移动。Dolores 利用她的钢铁般的强韧,让屏障结实起来,使生物无法逃脱。他们还让生物站在柔软的地面上,导致它们陷入熔岩田中。现在,这些生物已经无处可去,他们知道必须利用这个机会谈判。他们走近生物,希望结束这场战斗。


  1. denuded (adj.) 裸露的,剥夺的
  2. tensile strength (n.) 拉伸强度
  3. profitably (adv.) 有盈利地
  4. crusade (n.) 改革运动
  5. razor-sharp instincts 锋利的本能


  1. "They also softened the ground beneath the creatures, causing them to sink into the lava fields."

这是一个包含两个并列从句的复合句,第一个从句是 "They also softened the ground beneath the creatures",其中 softened 表示 “变柔软”,这里用过去式,表示他们已经完成了这个动作。第二个从句是 "causing them to sink into the lava fields",这个从句解释了他们柔软地地面后发生的结果,即导致生物陷入了熔岩田中。

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