Mekal Z

Mekal Z

A programmer running out of the wall.

Weekly Share #13, 2023

Cool things I do#

  • Released LinguaTale Beta on TestFlight
    • This is an Ai powered app that can help people learning English especially memorizing new words. I have written an introduction post for this: 灵瓜背单词 Beta 新鲜出炉
    • Download the beta version for free via TestFlight:
    • Thanks for so many guys trying this tiny app and giving me useful feedback. There would be a lot of issues to discover and resolve, but it was a good start.
  • Co-pilot with my wife for the first time
    • Great congratulations to my dear wife for her obtaining a driver license after two months of hard learning and practicing. From now on, it is possible for me to drink beers outside and without calling an agent driver✌️.

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